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    At the heart of Richmond’s success is a simple customer-centric philosophy. Maintain the highest possible standards of traditional craftsmanship married to the latest developments in materials, techniques and technologies.

    All work is carried out in-house, thus from conception to completion the full skill set of Richmond’s highly professional experienced workforce are applied with total efficiency, making blown deadlines and overshot budgets a thing of the past. 

    Richmond do it on time and on the money, while delivering the best quality and value of results for our customers.


Much of the business that Richmond has engaged in, throughout the past 30 years, was concentrated in the hospitality and leisure industry across Ireland. However, in 1999, Bangor Elim Church selected our company to manage the conversion of a 35,000 square foot disused factory premises into a modern church worship centre that would include sports facilities, an attached conference building and administration offices. Richmond completed the work successfully in March, 2000. After the success of this project, Richmond entered the booming church refurbishment industry in London. Over the course of that time many conversions and contracts have been completed, creating contemporary worship spaces from factory unit, old cinemas and derelict office blocks.

In the course of each project, Richmond manage each and every aspect with complete professionalism and relevant modern design. This model of doing business has been at the heart of our success across the last 25 years. Approaching each client individually, our commitment to each project is marked by attention to detail, quality, best value and service. It’s our aim to provide clients with an all-inclusive value for money service that is marked by our personal involvement and attention to their needs.

Client’s are always kept completely aware of plans and progress – supplied with all relevant floor plans, drawings and visuals. As approved schemes are manufactured at our factory in Bangor, our Project Management team overlook everything.

All projects are installed on time, every time and right on budget.

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