What We Do

  • Church is about people, this is true. So, our buildings and facilities are constructed with people at the very heart of every detail. Richmond refurbishments are designed to serve the needs of the people in that congregation and repackage tradition in a way that engages the wider community.

    Church buildings are a massive resource, a creative asset to any group of people. It should be a home that enriches life, rather than a drain on valuable funds. Across the country churches are now effectively optimising their space, moving forward with community related projects and outreach programs that will really have a positive impact on their neighbourhood. Contemporary and clean facilities as well as comfortable surroundings are all part of this transformation as the traditional church looks to re-establish its place among the people.

    With a trend in church wedding services and christenings on the increase and young people actively participate in all aspects of church life, these beautiful building play an enormous role in creating connections and communicating values.

    Richmond are experienced in restoring tradition and heritage with the greatest sensitivity while subtly introducing the modern technology, such as audio and video equipment, that will allow church leadership new ways to present their message.

    Investing in your church’s future in this way is about having the right team on board to manage the transition. Richmond offer a turn-key package dealing with all the design and build issues that will arise, liaising with all the required statutory bodies involved in these type of restorations.

    With years of experience in this sector we help you carry your vision forward confidently at a price you can manage.

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